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“There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.” – Graham Greene

School curricula limits education to acquiring a group of facts and ideas, without giving the students the chance to develop essential and required experimenting, researching and communication skills essential for learning. In the current era, Egypt is in desperate need to enhance education programs and to improve the quality of school students which represent the future researchers and scientists of Egypt. Children’s University is an educational project which is increasingly wide spreading all over the world. Children’s University introduces school children to scientific and critical thinking, creativity, questioning and problem solving. Children’s Universities have been developed to engage with children in the context of higher education in order to enable such children to meet professors and scientists as role models and to share their everyday curiosity with professional scientists and researchers. In Children’s University programme, we support Egyptian children to get the most out of their abilities, interests and passion by giving them the opportunities they deserve to engage in a lifelong process of learning.

Dr.Gina El-Fiky