Children’s University mission is to prepare children to face the challenges of the 21st century and to be the change agents that would shape the world through their developed creativity and innovative ability.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s tools for building modern Nations and boosting the Arab community.

The first project founded under the term Children’s University, was the kinder Uni in Tubingen/Germany in 2002.
In 2011, ASRT became an associated partner in SIS-Catalyst initiative and participated as an advisor in the international Steering board of this initiative.
In 2015, ASRT decided to take Children’s University to a wider level and implement the program throughout throughout Egypt.



  • Provide a creative, innovative and out of the box educational environment.
  • Ensure that every child has access to high quality learning activities.
  • Strengthen the bond between the children and their neighborhood Universities.
  • Raise awareness of the benefits and opportunities that higher education can bring.
  • Encourage University Professors to voluntary participate in community serving activities.
  • Involve parents in the education process of their children.


Children’s University won first place in Cairo Innovates 2016 among all other science culture Programs.

11 students won prizes for their researches and ideas in Cairo innovates 2017.

4 students won prizes for their innovative ideas in Cairo innovates 2018.

Program Management

 Regular meetings with focal points
Trainings to staff involved in Children’s University program
Monitoring Visits
Follow up Reports
Seasonal meetings with parents
Students questionnaires

Learning Tools

Research projects
Engaging in argument from evidence
Planning and carrying out investigations
Analyzing and interpreting data
Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information



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